Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ya ALLAH, jauhilah kami....

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I advocate the supreme solution for an obstinate disturbing polemic of our curent society, specifically for the college students and teenagers.

1 Obstinate disturbing polemic of the society is - Makwe kolej bertudung separa muslimah berbaju long sleeve agak sendat dan berjeans Levis thailand bekepit dengan brader poyo rambut dye dan memakai henpon ringtone lagu 'one sweet day'.

2 Supreme Solution is - Get them Married!!

I do not want to talk about DBKL garbage containers which one of its reason of existance is to gracefully sheltering a newborn baby. I also do not want to discuss about ABORTION and how destructive the impact it carries into our society.

*But if you read Freakonomic,ABORTION ACTIVITY is actually a blessing in disguise. 1000 abortions today = eliminate 1000 crimes in 2030. The idea is stimulating yet unethically convincing. (I'll discuss it in separate occasion)

What i want to convey is a part of solution that we can nurture into our society, drastically..


For Parents:

Pls and Pls..this is not the right moment to argue like "masih belajar,belum kerja,nak makan pasir jerlus?,macam mana nak beli susu anak?, nak duduk bawah jambatan MRR2?".. You moron..! No.This is not the time for such orthodox idea! And if conventional parents keep thinking like that, you bet with your ass the last thing those parents learn is their daughter's great DBKL garbage container story will appear in METRO or KOSMO.

Get to know your daughters and and sons very well. If you notice they have falling in love, offer them the good news.. FREE MARRIAGE, you sponsor.. If you are not afford to sponsor, 'doa selamat' will do. Stop denying the fact.

Pakai tudung, tutup aurat,semayang and perangai baik are not the ticket for your daughters to become a saint. LOVE is there to unveil all protections you armored them since the childhood. LOVE is so powerful to defy logic, to reverse believe, to change a character or to certain extent it can make one's life destroyed.

Anyway, most of the sinful plays acted by tudung girls, am i right?

For makwe makwe college:

If you cannot control urself;ask your boyfriend to marry you. Tell your parent what are you doing in college; ie pagi-ptg-siang-mlm dating, weekend outing, watching a cinema, supper sama2 and so on.

Tell them how terrible your life would it be if you do not see yr BF pimple face in 1 hour.Tell them you are so in LOVE with him. Tell them everything and convince them you are ready to get married.

Grow up and take charge of your actions.Be a better person.. Be responsible, at least to yourself!!

For married couples elsewhere in the world,eventhough the daily meals they have is nothing more expensive than your cat's WHISKAS,they would never thrown their newborn babies into DBKL garbage container. Mark my words!!!

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